Chinese on ”work experience” at CMP

In August CMP was visited by three guests from Port of Hebei in China. Over a period of one week, they were on ”work experience” in Copenhagen and Malmö. The background to this is the exchange that has been established between the ports.

CMP has been making targeted marketing initiatives in China for the last few years. The reason is that many Chinese companies are on the threshold of establishing themselves in Europe. CMP’s marketing is directed at companies involved in sectors including vehicles, machinery and environmental engineering.

“We already know that Scandinavia is a good entrance to markets in the rest of Europe”, says CMP’s CEO Johan Röstin. This was the case when the Japanese car manufacturers established themselves here. We Scandinavians are curious, and are happy to test out new products and brands. It opens up opportunities for Chinese companies that want to get into Europe.

“For our part, these collaborations can strengthen our role as a distribution hub in the Baltic region and ensure that we obtain more customers – like Toyota and the steel company Acerinox – that make CMP a nodal point in their logistics flows”.

Building relationships

The process of building relationships also includes ports such as Port of Hebei. It is the largest coal port in the world, handling 250 million tonnes of coal a year. Contacts between the two companies have included two employees from CMP visiting China during the spring and spending two weeks at Port of Hebei. 

”This exchange is contributing to our organisations and employees becoming more familiar with each other. During the visits the staff acquaint themselves with the operation and meet colleagues who work in the same type of operations as they do.”

August was the date set for the return visit, with three employees from Port of Hebei spending two weeks at CMP in Copenhagen and Malmö. 

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