New areas for car handling

CMP has completed a further 45,000 square metres of terminal space for car handling operations in Malmö. It is the automotive distribution company Autolink which needs more capacity in order to meet the greater demand in the market.

The new area was part of an old dock in Frihamnen which was filled with dredged material over a period of a couple of years. The total area is equivalent to 45,000 square metres, one third of which was put into use in 2012. Cars are handled here to be shipped via Malmö to markets in the Baltic region.

Autolink is one of a number of distribution- and refining companies in the vehicle industry in Malmö. The company has recently acquired a number of new customers, thereby increasing its need for space for the so-called PDI-terminal. The cars are tuned and inspected at this terminal before being transported onward to end customers in Scandinavia or other countries in the Baltic region.

A distribution hub

” The expansion within Autolink and other companies shows that there is strong development in the region. The completion of the new terminal makes it clear that CMP can grow in line with the customers and offer customised logistics flows, but also that we can prepare unused land for existing and new customers at short notice. This makes CMP more visible as a distribution hub from which a larger region can be supplied, for example the Baltic countries”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP.

CMP has been a major port of entry for cars since 2002 when Toyota chose Malmö as its hub for deliveries to Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. The target for 2013 is to handle 520,000 cars. A new record was set previously this year when CMP loaded and unloaded a total of 55,558 cars in a single month.

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