Lennart Pettersson winds down

When he started his career it was general cargo, bulk loads and ferry services to Denmark that predominated. Today the operation revolves around everything from cruises and car imports to intermodal transportation. Meet Lennart Pettersson, who is winding down after 30 years working in ports.

After three decades in the port environment CMP’s deputy CEO Lennart Pettersson has decided to wind down.

”From the start of 2014 I am going to work one day a week for CMP on what we call international strategies & public affairs.  In concrete terms this involves projects with the aim of strengthening CMP in the slightly longer term”, he says. We have formulated a vision for the business up to 2030 and much of what I am going to be working on is linked to this future development”.

It was in 1984 that Lennart Pettersson started as a controller in what was then called Malmö Sjöterminal AB. Malmö Port was formed in 1995, with Lennart Pettersson as deputy CEO. The biggest change took place in 2001 when the ports in Copenhagen and Malmö merged to form CMP.

Somewhat revolutionary 

”The merger was somewhat revolutionary”, he emphasises. ”We are still the only port company in the world that is owned by private and public actors in two countries and simultaneously operates port operations in two countries. Moreover, we are both port administrator and port operator. That’s unique as well”.

”But the best thing of all is nevertheless that the merger has been successful”, he continues. Volumes of both cargo and passengers have increased, and the port has delivered excellent financial results year in year out”.

He has now decided to wind down for various reasons, to have more leisure time among others, but also to be able to devote himself more to his own activities.

”It has been enjoyable and informative and over the years I have got to meet lots of capable and interesting people – colleagues, customers, business associates and political representatives, with whom I have had the benefit of collaborating”.

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