Upgraded Oslo ferry back in service

DFDS Seaways’ ferry ”Pearl Seaways” has undergone an extensive refurbishment of its passenger facilities and is back in service on the Copenhagen-Oslo route 

”Pearl Seaways”, one of DFDS Seaways’ two popular ferries on the route between Copenhagen and Oslo, has been through a major planned remodelling and freshening-up in the Fayard shipyard in Fredericia. 

It arrived back at CMP on 21 January, with work continuing on-board until it was put onto the route on 24 January. In the meantime, it was possible to enjoy the rare sight of both Oslo ferries at the quay at the same time when ”Crown Seaways” docked in the terminal at CMP. The two ships normally only pass each other en route. 

Over the course of 24 days the passenger facilities on ”Pearl Seaways” were remodelled and upgraded, including additional new luxury cabins, a new restaurant Little Italy, better conference facilities and an upgrade to the Columbus Bar. During its stay in the shipyard, ”Pearl Seaways” also had its hull cleaned and painted and its propeller polished to reduce resistance in the water. 

”Crown Seaways” will undergo a similar renovation, and will therefore be taken temporarily out of service on 10 March.

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