Maiden voyage to the port in Malmö

Barely one month old, Fremantle Highway from the K-line shipping company, arrived at Frihamnen in Malmö on Monday 27 January. The ship, which was manufactured in Nagoya in Japan, sailed to Malmö via Zeebrugge in Belgium. 

“Fremantle Highway is loaded with a large quantity of Toyota cars. Increasing numbers of shipping companies are renewing their fleets with so-called PCTC vessels (Pure Car/Truck Carrier). In the newer ships the unloading and loading decks have been corrected and renewed, which produces a safer handling environment for us”, says Björn Larsson, Terminal Manager at CMP. 

The ship, which is owned by K-line, is 199.97 metres long and 59,525 GT (gross tonnage). On Thursday morning the ship sailed on to its next stop, Zeebrugge, to be loaded for its final destination in the USA.

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