Petra gets to grips with the environmental issues

Petra König has been both an environmental strategist and an environmental consultant. Now she has moved to CMP, where she has been environmental manager since the turn of the year. She wants to use the role to ensure that the company has a clear and interesting environmental profile for customers and other stakeholders.  

Petra König has been interested in the environment and nature since childhood, and it was a factor in her choice to train as a biologist and environmental scientist. Since then she has worked with environmental issues in both municipal and non-profit organisations, as environmental strategist and project manager respectively.

”I have subsequently also run a collaborative project between Swedish and Danish municipalities concerning sustainable development”, Petra König says. ”And during the last seven years I have been an environmental consultant and worked on everything from environmental impact assessments to strategic environmental issues”. 

Easy to do the right thing

Petra König is 41 years old, has two children and lives with her family in Malmö. At the turn of the year she left the world of consultancy to become CMP’s new environmental manager.

”I was attracted by the breadth of the environmental issues within CMP. We are involved with air, water, noise, chemicals and a lot more”, she says. As environmental manager, I can also monitor how the environmental activities are developing over time, i.e. compared with the consultant’s role where you often make brief interventions and are not able to follow up the results in the long-term. 

” Another thing which attracted me is that CMP offers the opportunity to combine environment, economics and working environment, in other words, the three aspects of sustainability”, she continues.
Creating a context and linking together the environmental work with CMP’s operations is of overall importance to Petra König.

”It must be easy to do the right thing”, she emphasises. What I mean by that is that environmental issues should not be a parallel process, but rather integrated into the everyday work – not least via a good dialogue with all the company’s employees.

Monitoring the environmental profile

Ensuring that environmental law, including legislation and all permits, is dealt with correctly, is a given for the new environmental manager. It is equally important that the internal environmental management system maintains a high level of quality and functions as a practical tool for the employees. Procurement is another area where environmental thinking can make a difference, e.g. through selecting products and services that both benefit CMP economically and perform well environmentally.

”Besides pursuing specific issues, I regard myself as a knowledge resource at CMP, providing advice and acting as a sounding board in matters linked to the environment”, says Petra König. “Furthermore, I want to contribute to ensuring that we have a strong environmental profile and that we are good at collaborating with other organisations in terms of sustainability”.

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