Two ports, two countries, two experiences

At about 8.00 in the morning on Wednesday 6 August the German-owned cruise liner MS Delphin docked at Langelinie in Copenhagen. At that stage it had eight hours at sea behind it after having left Århus the evening before. Then, early on Thursday morning, the ship left Copenhagen bound for Malmö. It stayed in Malmö until the same evening before once again setting off for Germany, Warnemünde to be precise.

“The opportunity of visiting attractions in both Copenhagen and Malmö is becoming widely recognised. People are keen to see the cities and visits to various palaces and castles in and around the cities are usually also popular. It is great for the shipping line to be able to offer the passengers two destinations”, says Anders Nødskov from T.R. Shipping Denmark ApS, the agent for the Passat Kreuzfahrten Gmbh shipping company in both Copenhagen and Malmö.

Delphin is 16,214 GT (gross tonnage), 157 metres long and has seven decks. She has 355 passengers on this particular trip. The ship is owned by the German company, Passat Reisen. 

The majority of the passengers come from Germany. 

“As agents, we represent the shipping company when a ship comes to Copenhagen or Malmö”, says Anders Nødskov. “For example, my colleagues and I book quay berths and contact authorities such as Customs and Immigration. We also ensure that there is fresh water on board and help passengers who, for example, have fallen ill. If necessary, we also apply for visas for crews”. 

Copenhagen has been selected as the leading cruise destination in Europe on a number of occasions. It has everything you could desire in a large city. There is an abundance of opportunities for shopping and restaurant visits. Tivoli also attracts a lot of visitors, as does Bakken, ZOO and the Blue Planet Aquarium. In turn, Malmö is popular for its many parks and canals etc. If you want to get out into the countryside, besides castles and palaces there are a large number of estates with a range of specialisations, vineyards for example.

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