CMP at CILF 2014

CMP recently took part in CILF - Asia’s largest logistics trade fair - in the Chinese megacity of Shenzhen. It was the second time that CMP had taken part. This year the main focus was on marketing the entire Öresund region and the opportunities it offers.

This year’s CILF was bigger than ever, attracting 1,300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.  On the agenda were the topics of Ports and Shipping and Intelligent Transport, along with Sea-Rail Intermodal and Clean Energy. CMP was taking part for the second year in succession, and on this occasion chose a somewhat different collaboration.

“This year we went for a bigger stand and in addition collaborated with Malmö City, Region Skåne and Copenhagen Capacity, which specialises in attracting new companies and investments to Copenhagen”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP. The aim was to work more broadly than previously and to emphasise the opportunities that the Öresund region offers as a whole.

Besides marketing at their own stand, the Danish-Swedish delegation also invited some 150 guests – politicians, business people, officials and other decision makers – to a number of presentations and seminars on the theme of the Öresund region.

“We have now been working in China for a number of years, and several of the guests invited to CILF 2014 were familiar to us from before”, says Johan Röstin. “They are companies that we hope will become customers of CMP and in these cases we had the opportunity to deepen our relationship”.

“Many Chinese companies are in the process of expanding into areas such as Europe”, he continues. “And when they establish themselves in our region, we would like them to select CMP. We already act as a logistics hub for companies which distribute their products in Northern Europe and would naturally like to find more such collaborations”.

The prospects for functioning as a hub have improved via Northern Harbour in Malmö, and through Malmö Industrial Park – the new area for industrial and corporate establishments that is in the process of emerging adjacent to the port area.

“In connection with this year’s CILF, we noticed that CMP and our region are starting to make an impression in the big country in the east”, Johan Röstin observes. “We were interviewed by Chinese journalists, which resulted in positive publicity and articles in several nationwide media outlets”.

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