CMP host for GreenPort Congress 2015

October 6 – 9 2015 CMP will host GreenPort Congress – the annual environmental conference with participants from ports throughout Europe. Discussions are held here concerning the environmental challenges the ports are facing, as well as what is required to develop solutions that are sustainable in the long-term.

2015 is the tenth year in succession that GreenPort Congress will be implemented, and it will be held in Copenhagen. GreenPort Congress usually attracts a couple of hundred participants and runs for four days. The programme interweaves seminars and lectures on a range of environmental themes.

”Hosting GreenPort Congress will open up possibilities for CMP. It will give us the opportunity to emphasise environmental issues which are of particular importance for shipping in Denmark and Sweden”, says CMP’s Environmental Manager Petra König.

One such example might be the so-called sulphur directive, which will be introduced from the start of 2015 and which will tighten up the emissions requirements for ships operating in the North Sea and the Baltic.

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