Premiere for cruise season at CMP

AIDAcara docked at Langelinie Quay on 10 April, marking the premier for CMP’s 2015 cruise season. It will be a long and busy season with a total of 302 cruise arrivals in Copenhagen and Malmö, ending with the final Christmas cruise on 23 December.

Copenhagen and Malmö can look forward to welcoming thousands of cruise passengers and crew members, many of whom will experience the cities under their own steam or go on long excursions.

”We have several arrivals almost every day in the summer season, and many of the arrivals are turnarounds. On really busy days, for example 6 June or 1 August, we have six arrivals, of which the three at Ocean Quay are turnarounds. This places major demands on logistics, precision and service, and is only possible through the excellent cooperation with all our partners in the Copenhagen Cruise Network”, says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries, CMP.

The dedicated cruise terminal at Ocean Quay, which opened in 2014, has substantially increased the capacity in CMP Copenhagen with three new passenger terminals and optimum facilities for arrivals and turnaround of three cruise liners at the same time. Langelinie Quay and Nordre Toldbod close to Copenhagen’s centre are still more popular primarily for day visits, as is Levant Quay which will also be put to use in the forthcoming season.


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