Toyota largest in the world – and in Malmö

Last updated 4/29/2015 4:31 PM
The Japanese company Toyota maintained its position as the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer in 2014. Total sales exceeded 10 million vehicles for the first time, ending up at 10.23 million. As reported by the Sydsvenskan newspaper. Volkswagen came in second place in 2014 with 10.15 million vehicles.

Scandinavia’s largest car park

Toyota is not just largest in the world, but also in Malmö. Toyota has been concentrating distribution of Toyota and Lexus on Malmö ever since 2003. Today’s logistics hub is as large as 70 football pitches and Scandinavia’s largest car park into the bargain. Malmö is currently the hub for the distribution of cars to nine different markets in Northern Europe.

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