Regal Princess has chosen Copenhagen as home port

One of the cruise season’s premiere arrivals, the newly built Regal Princess, is fully engaged in its Baltic programme, with Copenhagen as its starting point. 

”We are delighted that Regal Princess has chosen CMP as its home port with a total of 13 turnarounds this season. It is an elegant and stylish ship, and the largest ship so far in Princess Cruises’ fleet,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries in CMP. 

As the principal cruise ship, Regal has a glass walkway, which extends 8-9 metres out over the side of the ship from the top deck. A fascinating experience for those who aren’t scared of heights!

Regal Princess was launched one year ago in Trieste, and with a length of 330 metres it is also one of the largest cruise ships in the world. With a capacity of 3,560 passengers, it hasn’t broken any records on that front, but it will very likely live up to Princess Cruises’ motto: "Big Ship - Small Ship Feel".

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