Increased volumes for CMP in 2016

In 2016, CMP handled 15.7 million tonnes of goods. This is an increase of five per cent compared with the previous year, corresponding to around 700,000 tonnes. 

 “We’re seeing a clear upturn in volumes in several business segments, which is of course pleasing. The strongest segment has been new cars, which increased from 339,000 cars in 2015 to 382,000 in 2016. We’re also seeing clear increases in both dry and liquid bulk,” says Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB. 

The cruise ship business also had a really good year, with the total number of calls reaching 311, with 732,000 passengers. The cruise trend is on an upward curve and ships are getting bigger and bigger, paving the way for even more passengers in future. 

 “We can confirm that in 2017 CMP will beat the record with more than 850,000 passengers, which is amazing! In April 2018 we will also be opening the new cruise quay in Visby. More than 60,000 passengers have already made their bookings for the first season. All in all, we’re experiencing a very positive trend,” concludes Johan Röstin.

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15 June 2017
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5 April 2017
On 5 April, Green Cargo will be switching terminals in Malmo for the Belgium Direct line, which will mean even longer drop off and pick up times for clients, and more efficient transportation as a result.
27 January 2017
Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, increased its volumes by five per cent during 2016. Behind these increases are above all increased volumes in the areas of dry bulk, liquid bulk (mainly oil) and car handling.
7 December 2016
Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, has been given the go-ahead by the Swedish Maritime Administration to receive larger cruise ships in Malmö.

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