CMP and Green Cargo create flexible and effective logistics solutions in Malmo

On 5 April, Green Cargo will be switching terminals in Malmo for the Belgium Direct line, which will mean even longer drop off and pick up times for clients, and more efficient transportation as a result.

Belgium Direct is Green Cargo’s direct line between Sweden and Belgium, which started running on 20 October 2016. Belgium Direct is not only the fastest form of transportation for wagonload and intermodal freight between Scandinavia and Belgium, but it is also a more reliable and environmentally-friendly option. The direct line has three departures a week from both countries, with a transit time of just 21 hours.

“We are constantly developing our transportation services to better meet the demand for intermodal volumes. With Belgium Direct, later drop off times and earlier pick up times was an important factor. CMP has been very solution-oriented and we are confident that they will deliver the service we need. Green Cargo is now able to offer the most efficient transportation solution between Scandinavia and Belgium with the lowest possible environmental impact,” Jan Kilström, VD of Green Cargo.

CMP already offers a rail link between the Combi Terminal in Norra Hamnen and Malmo, with departures on Mondays and Thursdays, as well a link to Stockholm/Årsta on Sundays. The direct line to Belgium means a substantial increase in the partnership with Green Cargo.

“Our working methods are consistent with Green Cargo’s needs, and we are very proud of the trust they have placed in us. With access to the trimodal operation we offer in Malmo, we are able to create flexible logistics solutions. A direct line to Belgium, departing Norra Hamnen three times a week, also affords significant opportunities for companies wishing to establish in the nearby Malmö Industrial Park,” says Johan Ullenby, CEO of CMP Norra Hamnen AB.

Belgium Direct means a more comprehensive service in Norra Hamnen, with more coverage, good transit times and straightforward handling - with CMP in Malmo acting as the freight hub.

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