Strong Year for Copenhagen Malmö Port

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) enjoyed a strong year in 2018. Turnover increased by approx. eight percent from SEK 839 million to SEK 908 million. The cruise segment once again broke records and contributed strongly to the increased turnover, partly due to the newly opened cruise quay in Visby. All in all, operating income increased by SEK 32 million to SEK 110 million. Freight volumes amounted 15.1 million tonnes compared to 15.5 million tonnes in 2017.

CMP's turnover in 2018 amounted to SEK 908 million as against SEK 839 million in 2017. Operating income came in at SEK 110 million as against SEK 78 million for 2017, which gives an operating margin of 12.2 percent compared to 9.3 percent the previous year. Profit for the year amounted to SEK 46.7 million as against SEK 26.3 million last year. During the year, CMP handled 15.1 million tonnes of freight compared with 15.5 million tonnes in 2017. 

“2018 was a good, strong year for CMP. Although we can see a decrease in certain volumes, for example in the oil sector, overall all business areas have made progress with increased operating margins. We deem this to be the result of the hard work put into ensuring that we focus on the right things; working more efficiently and taking advantage of any business opportunities that arise,” says Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port.

“The single greatest factor behind the upturn in both turnover and profit is linked to our cruise ship business. In April 2018, CMP inaugurated the new cruise ship quay in Visby. This, in combination with larger vessels and more calls at both Copenhagen and Malmo, led to CMP receiving 953,000 passengers during the season”, concludes Barbara Scheel Agersnap.

CMP has thereby consolidated its position as the leading cruise destination in northern Europe. We also saw an increase in Ro-Ro volumes during 2018, to 298,000 handled units. One of the explanations is the transhipment opportunities offered at Malmö for various means of transport such as ship, lorry and train. 

Latest press release
7 May 2019
The City of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Malmö Port and By & Havn have partnered to get more green solutions in the Port of Copenhagen and limit emissions from cruise ships. The first step is the design of a land-based power plant in Nordhavn.
16 April 2019
With Containerships now starting its new service, Scan Baltic 1, Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, will be an important port for import and export to and from Sweden and Europe. The first container ship arrived at Northern Harbour in Malmö yesterday.
29 November 2018
It will be completed by the end of 2021 – the futureproof, modern, sustainable and automated container terminal in Copenhagen. The terminal substantially strengthens CMP’s role as the leading actor within freight handling in the capital region and throughout Eastern Denmark.
14 September 2018
When the location of Lindbäcks’ new production facility was being chosen, the transport logistics were an important element of the supporting data for the decision. The choice made was Haraholmen in Piteå, with the proximity to Piteå Port and the opportunity for maritime transport operations being major factors. Production has now been up and running for eight months, and this week Lindbäcks shipped its first load by sea. “We loaded and dispatched 85 units down to Lund. Marine transport is an excellent complement to road transport, so we’re now conducting a first test,” says Lars Wallgren, Logistics Manager.

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