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CMP has competitive prices for transport and logistics.

The port tariff for CMP is applied to all vessels arriving at Copenhagen and Malmö. Here you find prices for calls, ships- and cargo dues, security, maritime service, working hours etc. Regarding stevedoring, please contact CMP.

2018 Prices and terms when Calling Copenhagen - In English 2018
2018 Priser og forretningsbetingelser for anløb og ekspedition i København - In Danish 2018

Skibs- og Godsangivelse - In Danish 2018

Priser og betingelsen for adgangskort til ISPS områder CMP - in Danish
Prices and Terms for Cruise Turn-Arounds please contact CMP

2018 Prices and dues for services at the port in Malmö - in English 2018
2018 Priser och avgifter gällande för verksamheten i Malmö hamn - in Swedish 2018

2018 Prices & Terms for Cruise Turn-Arounds (Copenhagen or Malmö) - In English

2018 Terms and Conditions for Cruise ships in Visby - in English


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