Rules & Regulations

Last updated 9/11/2017 4:18 PM

The objective of the rules and regulations is to create and maintain a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible handling of shipping traffic.

CMP uses rules and regulations based on IMO (International Maritime Organization), the recommendations of the European Community and regulations in Denmark and Sweden.


Reception facilities for ship-generated waste in areas operated by Copenhagen Malmö Port in Copenhagen - in English 
Modtagefaciliteter for affald fra skibe på Copenhagen Malmö Port´s operationsområder i København - in Danish 

Reservation of berths for cruise ships on quays in Copenhagen managed by CMP - in English
Reservation af kajplads til krydstogtskibe på kajer I København som disponeres af CMP - in Danish

Annex 1 - CMP waste order form 2017 - download form

Annex 3 - Declaration concerning oily tank washings - download form

Noise at Langelinie - in English

Water quality Analyzed by HOFOR:

Oceankaj - click here 
Langelinie - click here
Ndr. Toldbod - clich here 

HOFOR Water quality and Surveillance of Water Supply Units "To whom it may concern" - In English

Port Regulation - By og Havn 

Container specifics. Directions for ordinary container control - in English
Standardregler for almindelig containercontrol -  in Danish

Local Traffic and Safety Regulations for the Port of Malmö - in English
Lokala ordnings- och säkerhetsföreskrifter för Malmö hamn - (Hamnordning) - in Swedish

Trafiksäkerhetsinstruktion för CMPs infrastruktursanläggningar i Malmö - in Swedish

Container specifics. Directions for ordinary container control. - in English

Guidelines for ship generated waste – in English
Riktlinjer för fartygsgenererat avfall – in Swedish

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