Arrival ETA Ship From2 Quay Agency Status
23 Aug - 18 0400 Simon B Övriga danska hamnar c866 Baltic Shipping Company A/S
Arrival Details
Arriving from Övriga danska hamnar Call sign DJBU2
Indl. port IMO 8511029
Cargo Nationality Tyskland
Quantity 0 BT 1587
Loading recipient Vessel type General Cargo Ship
Ship length 82,02
Departure Passenger capacity
Departing to Rotterdam Captain
Loading port Call no. 283571
Cargo Main purpose Loading only
Quantity 0 Quay name UPS Kajen
Loading recipient Dangerous goods
Arrival Time Departure Time Quay name Quay Arrival purpose Status
23 Aug - 18 0400 23 Aug - 18 1400 UPS Kajen c866 Loading only
 = Expected
 = Arrived
 = Departed
 = Delayed

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