Arrival ETA Ship From2 Quay Agency Status
24 Apr - 19 0700 Ireland Brevik m0713 Hasting Schultz Shipping AB
Arrival Details
Arriving from Brevik Call sign PDIH
Indl. port IMO 9771456
Cargo Nationality Nederländerna
Quantity 0 BT 4284
Loading recipient Vessel type General Cargo Ship
Ship length 109,65
Departure Passenger capacity
Departing to Okänd svensk hamn (nödkod Captain
Loading port Call no. 297968
Cargo Main purpose Discharging only
Quantity 0 Quay name Norra Hamnen
Loading recipient Dangerous goods
Arrival Time Departure Time Quay name Quay Arrival purpose Status
24 Apr - 19 0955 24 Apr - 19 2300 Norra Hamnen m0713 Discharging only
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 = Arrived
 = Departed
 = Delayed

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