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Aiming to become one of the most sustainable ports in the world by 2025

Port security

CMP gives high priority to reliable, efficient routines to ensure safety and security. Here you will find information needed when calling CMP – Copenhagen and Malmö. Please note that information regarding rates, environmental procedures etc. is placed under “Terminals”.

Pre Arrival Information (IMO standard) should be forwarded to the Harbour office 24 hours in advance before entering the port. Even crew list and visitors list shall be forwarded at the same time:

CMP Anti-Terror Contingency Plan (vers.18/2021) – in English
Terrorsikring af CMP (vers 18/2021) – in Danish
Værd at vide om security på CMPs områder – in Danish
Havnereglement for Københavns Havn – in Danish

Other documents:
Sletning af adgangskort – in Danish
Adgangskort til ISPS godkendte havnefaciliteter – in Danish
CMPs kunder kan ansøge om adgangskort her – in Danish
Skibsanmeldelse i københavn – in Danish

CMP’s vessel notification of port call/ Skibsanmeldelse – in English
Cruise Vessel registration form – in Danish
Security folder – in English

For Cruise ship guard agreement go to “Cruises” under “Services”.

CMP Anti-Terror Contingency Plan (vers.18/2021) – in English
Terrorsäkring av CMP (version 18/2021) – in Swedish
ISPS tolkning – Åbne kajer – in Danish
Securitypjese med securityansvar – in Swedish

Other documents:
Passerkortsystemet – in Swedish
Passerkort till ISPS godkända hamnanläggningar – in Swedish

CMP’s vessel notification of port call/ fartygsanmälan- in Swedish

Contact /ISPS contacts/:

Port authority


Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP)


Containervej 9, P.O. Box 900, DK-2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Harbour Office


24 hours service, tel.

+45  3546 1138




VHF CH 12, Copenhagen

VHF CH 14, Malmö



Head of Maritime Service & Security

Andreas Andersson

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