CMP employs 350 people in Copenhagen and Malmö and has created a flexible and dynamic cross-border organisation – a business-oriented organisation focusing on customers and quality.

The CMP organisation comprises a range of business areas, which are committed to bringing best-in-class service to our customers – whether provided in Copenhagen or Malmö.

Our ambition is on all organisational levels to strive for flexibility, cooperation, clear distribution of responsibilities, delegation of responsibility and ensuring awareness and understanding of our business goals. At the same time, we see the opportunity to interact with our customers in order to develop and improve our products as their needs change and grow.

CMP is a stimulating and challenging workplace with competent, service-minded, committed employees with excellent language qualifications. All dockworkers are part of a stable workforce, which guarantees stability and integrity.

CMP is a Danish-Swedish joint venture. The shareholders in the holding companies reflects public and private interests.

CMP is a Swedish-registered limited liability company. The company a is port- and terminal operator in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). The company is owned by Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S (50 %), Malmö stad (27 %) and various private owners with 23 % of the shares in total. The Board consists of 12 members. The 8 shareholder elected members are composed according to the number of shares. The 4 employees representatives are elected 2 from the Danish employees and 2 from the Swedish organizations.

CMP leases fixed plants such as quays, warehouses, buildings etc. from Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S and Malmö stad. The annual lease is based upon the cost of existing facilities and the cost of investment in new plants.

Company Management Group

Barbara Scheel Agersnap


Niklas Finné


Povl Dolleris Røjkjær Ungar


Pia Fabricius


Per Karlsmose


Anna Luterkort

Head of Legal

Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt

PR & Corporate Communications Manager


The CMP Board reflects a company based on Danish-Swedish cooperation on port service and includes four employees representatives.
The members are elected at the annual meeting.

Claus Juhl

By & Havn.
Chairman of the Board.
Board member since 2021.

Luciano Astudillo

Malmö stad.
Deputy Chairman of the Board.
Board member since 2018.

Olof Andersson

Fastighets AB Trianon.
Managing Director.
Board member since 2013.

Torbjörn Tegnhammar

Malmö stad.
Board member since 2019.

Anders Peterson

Head of Ports & Terminals.
Board member since 2017.

Søren Jespersen

By & Havn.
Board member since 2017.

Birgit Aagaard-Svendsen

By & Havn.
Board member since 2018.

Jonas Bjørn Jensen

By & Havn.
Board member since 2018.

Johnny Isager Høvring

Board member since 2017.
Employee representative.

Karsten Jensen

Board member since 2017.
Employee representative.

Gert-Inge Johansson

Board member since 2016.
Employee representative.

Maria Petersson

Board member since 2020.
Employee representative.