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Working at CMP

CMP is a modern port in charge of the commercial port operations in Copenhagen and Malmö.

CMP is a Swedish private limited company (PLC), with offices in Copenhagen and Malmö. We have production units, terminals, garages and administrative functions in both Copenhagen and Malmö. We offer a variety of port services. Our core business areas include Cars, Containers, Ro-ro & Logistics, Oil & Bulk and Cruise & Ferries. We employ around 350 employees.

Recruitment process
We are very thorough in our recruitment process. We want to recruit the best employee for the job. It is equally important that our new colleague feels comfortable with his/her future job and wants to be part of CMP and our company culture. You will in the recruitment process get the opportunity to meet various people; HR, your future manager and perhaps some of your future colleagues, they will all be interested in hearing more about you and your professional and social skills. If you have applied for a management position or a specialist position, you will also be assessed through profile testing tools.

Read more about how we treat your data while applying for a job at CMP –>

Once you are aboard
The company’s principal asset is you, your efforts and your knowledge. We have a clear expectation that you give the best at your job, that you bring new energy to your workplace and to your colleagues, and that you are curious and interested in acquiring new knowledge and continuously improving your skills. Knowledge is important – for that reason we use considerable resources to continuously upgrading our skilled employees. Ongoing education and training is a must for all, and we use both external and internal education and training opportunities.

CMP gives very high priority to work environment and health and safety. We have a Health and Safety manager, who is 100% focused on helping executives, managers and employees to maintain and improve safety in the workplace. In spite of the fact, that we are a company with many large and heavy machines, it is extremely rare that we experience accidents and injuries. We are constantly working to improve conditions because CMP must be a safe workplace with a good working environment.

In CMP, we believe in the appreciative approach. We think that if we meet each other with positive expectations, recognizes and appreciates each other’s views and differences, and are curious about exploring each other’s hopes and ambitions in the organization, we can in collaboration create the best possible development and future for CMP. Our focus in everyday life is on possibilities and resources in the organization and on the usefulness of our thoughts, language and actions for CMP.

Available jobs

Project Manager

On Location (Copenhagen)

Port Officer

On Location (Copenhagen)

Spontanansökan - Hamnarbetare

On Location (Malmö)

Uopfordret ansøgning - Havnearbejder

On Location (Copenhagen)

Spontanansökan administration

On location (Malmö)

Uopfordret ansøgning - Funktionær

On Location (Copenhagen)

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