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Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) is one of Scandinavia’s largest port operators, and a full-service port in the Oresund region. We receive a vast variety of goods and have an infrastructure customised for all types of vessels.

Our port is a venue for both goods and people to interact. A hub for activities and knowledge that generates collaborations, exchanges of expertise, synergies, and adds value to the society we are part of.

Our terminals in Copenhagen and Malmö act as transport hubs in the Oresund region, but also for freight flows into the Baltic Sea. We also have cruise operations that include three destinations – Copenhagen, which is northern Europe’s leading cruise destination, as well as Malmö and Visby.

Full service capacity means that we handle everything from consumer goods, oil products, chemicals and cereals to scrap metal, building materials, wood pellets, salt, sugar and industrial inputs. This breadth is a strength that means that we quickly adapt to the varying needs of our customers, but at the same time it makes CMP less sensitive to business cycles.  The surrounding infrastructure for road and rail traffic is very well developed. This ensures that transport reaches its final destination in an efficient and sustainable manner.

We are developing the port of the future
Changing patterns of consumption and new challenges in the transport market require innovation and flexibility. Our strength sits in the expertise and experience. We are resourceful and take the initiative – we have the ambition to be at the forefront of innovation so that we can shape the port of the future with smart, innovative solutions and offer our customers the best and most efficient logistics solutions.

It is CMP’s ambition that when one thinks of Copenhagen Malmö Port, they think innovation – and that we contribute to joining knowledge and ideas in a way which provides new business opportunities and strengthens our industry. At the same time, CMP is a growth catalyst in the Oresund region and helps to develop modern Denmark and Sweden towards a sustainable future.

Mission – our role
We connect sea with shore and create growth and prosperity for all.
The mission specifically describes our raison d’être, CMP’s purpose for existing and the role in which we realise the commercial and development goals established by the company.

Our Values – serving as guiding principles
The values must permeate everything we do; they set the framework for how we interact with each other, our customers and other business partners, how we work, how we make decisions and not the least, how we can contribute to increased efficiency and to achieving our goals. Our values are Respect, Ambition and Community.

Respect: We respect each other’s work, thoughts and ideas.

Ambition: We are in a constant state of development, and strive to run a little faster, give a little more in our work, and have extremely high ambitions for the future.

Community: Working together, we perform better.  We all contribute with our knowledge, expertise and experience. Together we make the community stronger with collaborative efforts throughout our organisation. We are CMP.

Would you like to join us? Find open positions at CMP here.

Two co-workers at CMP
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