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Aiming to become one of the most sustainable ports in the world by 2025

Welcome to

The capital of denmark

Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s major cruise destination, and it’s obvious why. The capital of Denmark is a city with royal flair, a mix of historical and modern architecture and an endless number of things to see and experience. Don’t miss out on the famous Danish pastry when you’re here and bring some of that Hygge-attitude home with you.

Cruise copenhagen

Passenger information

Our cruise terminals are located in different parts of Copenhagen and they can all be reached by public transport, either by metro, train or bus. We recommend that you visit Rejseplanen’s website to find out which mode of transport suits you best, depending on what terminal you are either departing from or arriving to.

Taxi information

Amager-Øbro Taxi 4x27

+45 27 27 27 27

DAN Taxi

+45 70 25 25 25

Taxi 4x35

+45 35 35 35 35

A trip from Oceankaj to Tivoli cost approx. DKK 200.00 – DKK 250.00 depending on time of the day.
A trip from Oceankaj to Copenhagen Airport cost apprx. DKK 450.00 – DKK550.00 depending on time of the day.

Docking information

Quay No.

331, 332 and 333

Water depth

10,5 m


Approx. 1.100 m of quay with state-of-the-art terminals

Quay No.



Approx. 710 m

Water depth

Water depth at the southern end is 9.1 m. The northernmost 345m of quay (from bollard no. 32 and northwards) has a water depth of 10 m


There is space for from two to four ships, depending on their length and draught

Quay No.


Water depth

7,4 m


225 m

Terminal contacts

Commercial contact

Luis de Carvalho

Commercial Cruise Director

Operational contact

Nicolai Keller

Operations Manager


Below please find information reg. rates as well as other documents relevant to our cruise terminal in Copenhagen.


Rates in Copenhagen (2022)

Pricelist 2023

Electricity (power) surcharge information

Letter accompanying the 2023 pricelist

Guard agreement

Cruise ships specifics: Guard agreement

Cruise ships specifics: Vagtaftale

Waste management

Summary of waste management plan – cruise

Waste folder 2022

Annex 1 – CMP Waste order form 2022

Annex 3 – Oily Tank Washings and Scrubber 2022

Annex 4 – Sewage (Black and Grey water) 2022

Waste management Plan 2022

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