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Visby - The largest city on the largest island

Visby is known as the city of roses and ruins, and for a good reason. The city is the best-preserved medieval town in Scandinavia and with its extraordinary city wall and colourful cottages it is a must see for everyone interested in history and architecture. And when you visit Visby, do not miss out on the famous saffron pancakes served with delicious dewberry jam!

Cruise Visby

Passenger information

The cruise terminal in Visby is within walking distance from the city centre.

Docking information


LOA pier

Water depth

11 m

Quay height

2,6 m

Max length

338 m

Terminal contacts

Commercial contact

Luis de Carvalho

Commercial Cruise Director

Commercial contact

Nicolai Keller

Cruise Terminal Manager


Below please find infomation regarding rates.


Rates in Visby (2022)

Pricelist 2023

Electricity (power) surcharge information

Letter accompanying the 2023 pricelist

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