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Malmö - The third largest city in Sweden

Malmö is the  place to visit if you are interested in musical and theatrical scenes, cuisine from all around the globe and sustainable and beautiful architecture. The dynamic capital of Skåne is also a multicultural city with inhabitants originating from over 180 different countries. Malmö is located near two international airports, Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport, giving the city a unique closeness to the rest of the world.

Cruise Malmö

Passenger information

The cruise terminal in Malmö is within walking distance from the city centre.

Docking information

Water depth

Up to 9.1 m (draft 8.6) depending on quay-location


Max 240 m

Air draft

No limitation


Tug on pilot’s request

Capacity - quays

Frihamns kajen: 500 m, Västra hamnen: 150 m


Compulsory for ships exceeding 90 m LOA


Max 32,5 m

Terminal contacts

Commercial contact

Luis de Carvalho

Commercial Cruise Director

Operational contact

If you would like to get in contact with the operational team, you are welcome to send us an email and briefly describe your question. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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