Ferries will soon be arriving in Norra Hamnen

CMP is now commencing its move to Norra Hamnen (Northern Harbour). The ferry traffic will be first to transfer, and in mid-May Finnlines’ RoPax ferries will start using the new terminals. Kombitrafiken – which handles goods via rail – will move to Norra Hamnen at around the same time. A total of around SEK 900 million has been invested in the new harbour, increasing CMP’s goods capacity in Malmö five-fold.

The construction work at Norra Hamnen in Malmö has been underway for about two years. The time has now come to transfer elements of the goods handling process and put these ultramodern new facilities into operation. The official opening is on May 16th. That’s when Finnlines RoPax ferries will arrive at Norra Hamnen for the first time.

“It’s great to finally be able to start using our new facilities. The move will have a huge effect on business. The goods capacity will increase and handling will be made easier for us and the customers,” says Bart Steijaert, who is responsible for CMP’s port and terminal operations.

The new terminal can accommodate three ferries at the same time. The water depth is 8.5 metres, but may be increased to 10 metres in the future.

“Once the ferry traffic has been moved out to Norra Hamnen, much of the lorry traffic will disappear from central Malmö. This part of the transport chain will be made easier because of the improved road connection to the new terminal, but, above all, Malmö residents will benefit from reduced traffic congestion in central Malmö,” he continues.

Finnlines will be the first to start using the new terminals. They handle 250,000 trailers, lorries and cars in Malmö every year.

“After 29 years of great cooperation with CMP-Port of Malmö we are delighted to be the first company to move to these modern new facilities. It will allow us to improve the efficiency of our operations and, thanks to the huge increase in capacity provided by the new terminal, to implement a further development of our services in the near future,“ says Antonio Raimo, Line Manager at Finnlines.

In addition to goods handling, Finnlines also offers passenger services between Malmö and Travemünde – a service that has expanded significantly in the last few years to now become a valid alternative way of travelling between Sweden and Germany.

“In this respect we are very proud of the latest development of our service, notwithstanding the fierce competition in the market. We are confident that moving to the new facility will enable the Line to exploit additional benefits for passengers and thereby to reinforce Malmö as a gateway between Sweden and the Continent,” continues Antonio Raimo.

As mentioned, the move to Norra Hamnen provides a number of new improvements for CMP and its customers. Handling will be faster, but also safer with the aid of new technology.

- Perhaps the best example of this is the new entry and exit control systems,” explains Bart Steijaert. Using the ‘autogate’, lorries and goods can automatically “check into” the area using IT and camera technology, which identifies the load and ensures that it gets to the right place.

CMP will also start using the new combiterminal in May. This terminal connects rail services to Norra Hamnen. There are two 800 metre long rail tracks where goods from two complete trains can be handled.
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